A weekend in the Hunter Valley

Hi everyone. Bec and Obi here. Are you craving some scenic views in NSW, some delicious cheese, flavoursome wine and a good dose of nature? Then the Hunter Valley is just for you. We caught the train up from Sydney city, which took about 3 and a half hours. Driving could reduce your time by around 30 mins or more depending on where you leave from! In this blog we share with you the fun things to do for a day or weekend away in the Hunter Valley.

Hunter 1.JPG

  1. Start your day off at the famous olive oil factory. Here, you will pay 50c for a bag of bread, and you are able to try all of the delicious relishes, oils, sauces, jams and more. Beware: The chilli sauces are REALLY HOT.
  2. Carry on by exploring the wacky flavours the vodka distillery has to offer. From chocolate to apple, you can try samples to kill your curiosity.
  3. There are wineries all over the Hunter, but we would like to recommend just 2 that we thoroughly enjoyed. Audrey Wilkinson is the oldest winery in the Hunter Valley, offering a tasting for 5$ and scenic views that will definitely blow your mind.
    Peterson house are all about the sparkling wine! The moscato is great here, and so is the layout of the shop.
  4. For a leisurely stroll and to embrace the market like atmosphere, we recommend going to the Hunter Valley Gardens. They do charge an admission fee and it can be busy late in the afternoon.
  5. Now, you MUST be feeling hungry. Check out Matilda Bay Brewhouse. This place offers a large variety of beers, savoury and sweet food. We went for the chicken pizza and a beef burger. Classic food to be enjoyed with a lovely view.
  6. After a taste of some beautiful wine, you will surely be craving some cheese. We recommend to leave this place last, as you don’t want the cheese to go off! The cheese can be quite expensive, but it is well worth it. The cheese is fresh, and often the shop will offer different varieties to those offered in large grocery stores. We loved the Brie!

hunter 2.JPG

This photo is a view from the Audrey Wilkinson winery

5 hunter.JPG

If you’re lucky on your journey to the Hunter, you may even be able to spot some kangaroos/wallabies!


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