Curry and karaoke night in Sydney

Hi everyone, Bec and Obi here. Do the words ‘curry’ and ‘karaoke’ bring excitement to you just as they do to us? Then if you are in Sydney, and craving these two delights, we have just the right place for you. Tandoori Palace is an Indian restaurant located in busy Oxford Street. We have tried many Indian restaurants in Sydney, and this was most definitely in our top 3. The food is hearty, full of flavour and genuinely authentic. The service is attentive and each waiter made us feel very welcome. We went on a Thursday night with a big group of work colleagues for the set $30 meal (entrees, curries, rice and naan) with karaoke included. Now, the groovy stuff. We are going to run you all through our food for the night, however it should be considered that the menu may be subject to change. ENJOY 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.09.36 pm.png

(This photo has been taken from Tandoori Palace Instagram page). Upon our arrival, we grabbed a drink and from 7-8 Happy Hour is happening! Beers are 5$ and wines/spirits cost slightly more during this time.



NEXT…..entrees. And oh how happy we were to see these babies arrive – especially after eating minimal amounts of food all day. The first picture is of tandoori chicken and mint sauce, which was incredible! The chicken had some spice to it, but it was certainly bearable. The following picture is of a vegetable samosa and a vegetable pakora, both of which were absolutely delicious. These three bites were entrees for the evening, along with pappadums and chilli sauce on the side. The service was great here, as the waiters served each entree individually on everyones plate.


Selfie time! 🙂




By this time, we were READY for the mains. If you are in a large group, the waiter will come around and serve you a few spoonfuls of rice. Then the curries arrive and are distributed evenly on the table so you can get a taste of everything! The three that our group chose to have was butter chicken, lamb rogan josh and chicken tikka masala. With naan of course 😉 These were seriously delicious and packed with flavour…but be warned: get ready to feel FULL.


Following the lovely dinner, our group proceeded to rock it with some karaoke! We sung a MJ song and, well, lets just say came ‘close’ to hitting the notes of his. This was a really fun night and we hope that you enjoy it just as much as we did! 🙂



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