Japanese style miso soup with rice noodles, tofu and vegetables

Hi everyone! Bec and Obi here. With winter upon us in Sydney, we have been exploring some tasty hearty meals to cook on a regular basis, particularly those that don’t take an awful amount of time to assemble. Today, we cooked this for family and every person around the table was impressed. This meal is very easy to make, and took us approximately 30 mins to prepare and cook. The flavour is subtle, but none the less, delicious! It also won’t leave you feeling overly heavy or bloated…Ah the beauty of Japanese food 🙂 Again, we did not measure exact quantities for all ingredients, it really depends on your taste. So, lets get to it, shall we?

Step 1. First of all, you want to put 1 cup of water per person into a large pot. Once it has been bought to the boil, you can add ANYTHING. We wanted to go veg tonight, so added bok choy, white mushrooms, tofu, chilli and spring onion. Let your mixture simmer until the veg is cooked to your liking.


Step 2. While this is happening, you want to soak your rice noodles (we used 400g for 8 people) in boiling hot water until ready to mix in with the veg. This will give them plenty of time to soften and separate.


Step 3. Now, the EASIEST part of this dish. We bought this miso paste from woolies, but anyone would be just fine. This packet suggested to use 3/4 of a tbsp per serve, so we X this by 8 and added it straight to the vegetable pot.


Step 4. Allow the miso paste to dissolve nicely into the vegetable mixture. Then, drain your noodles and toss them through also. We used spring onion to garnish, but chilli would work just fine! Let us know what you think of this recipe. ENJOY 🙂



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