Garlic, lemon and sweet paprika potatoes

Hi Everyone! Bec and Obi here. POTATOES. Who does not love potatoes??? They are our ‘go to’ vegetable if we need to top up a dinner, add some carbohydrates, or just create a snack based around the beautiful thing itself! Today, we share with you a recipe very close to our hearts. It is FULL of flavour, full of healthy ingredients and is sure to satisfy your potato craving. For this recipe, we used baked potatoes from the previous night, and literally brang them back to life! Our layout for the recipe does not list exact ingredient amounts for all ingredients used, but this recipe is very versatile. So have a play around with it and let us know what you think 🙂

Step 1. With baked potatoes from the previous nights dinner, and we are talking any potato type (they were only seasoned with salt +pepper), dice these little babies into small cubes, or any shape you desire!


Step 2. Sauté finely diced garlic (as many cloves as you like, the more the better) with some salt and pepper. Yes, we do add our seasoning to the pan at this time. By cooking it off, a nice flavour will develop.


Step 3. Once the aromatic flavours of the garlic start to fill the air, add in your diced potatoes. Toss and turn your pan as if your cooking some Thai Noodles!


Step 4. LEMON. What goes better with potatoes?? We cannot think of anything else! Drizzle at least one whole juicy ripe lemon over the potatoes and let them sizzle away.


Step 5. At this point, you also want to get your hands on some sweet paprika and give that a good sprinkle over your delicious potato mixture. Toss and turn your potatoes until they are slightly more golden then they were before, and until the paprika has comfortably coated all potatoes.


Step 6. And the best step of them all…..serve into a bowl or eat straight out of the pan – ENJOY!



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