Sydney Vivid Extravaganza

Hello everyone! Bec and Obi here, welcome to our first blog post. It is highly fitting that the annual Vivid Festival in Sydney is currently on in our backyard. This festival is all about light, music and ideas. Sydney harbour and local central business district surroundings absorb colourful lights and project magic in the city for roughly 3 weeks. The innovative light projections are free for all to enjoy, and aims to transform Sydney’s beauty through creative vision. The city is absolutely PACKED at this time. And we definitely know why. As they say, each year gets better and better, and we can certainly attest to that this year. By doing a harbour cruise such as the one we did, you will be sure to get the best of both worlds. That is escaping from the crowds, and having a well round view of all that vivid has to offer. Lights switch on around 6pm and stay glimmering until the late hour of 11pm in the evening.


Having attended the vivid festival 2 times, last year on foot and this year on a nice harbour cruise, we have some tips we would like to share with you. Hopefully they will assist you with your fun Vivid night out this year, or in the following years to come!

  • Get in early! The first time we went, we arrived after 9pm and the city was PACKED. Think of peak hour train travel….yes that packed. By arriving to the city early, you will have plenty of time to see all parts of the city that are lit up, since there are many
  • Along with this keep we recommend checking out Vivid on weekdays. Weekends for this festival are much busier
  • We recommend checking out the beautiful Circular Quay area first. Not only does this view capture the beautiful Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but it’s where most of the lights are shining! Other places to check out following this would be Darling Harbour, Martin Place, Kings Cross, Barangaroo, Taronga Zoo, The Rocks and Royal Botanic Gardens
  • If you plan to eat dinner out in the city, be sure to book before hand!
  • As the Vivid festival falls on the end of our Autumn months and start of the Winter months, it is super freeeeezing in the evening. Ice cold! Get your gloves, jackets, boots and beanies out!
  • If you want to really soak in the Sydney Harbour atmosphere, we recommend doing a evening cruise! Get a group of friends together for a cruise as we did and you will not regret it! Some of the cruises can be extremely pricey, but there are some like the one we went on that was $25 per person, with a drink included and snacks on board. Our cruise went for 1.5 hours which was a perfect amount of time to be captivated by the lights of Vivid!IMG_4597.JPG

Booking dinner reservations and heading in early are must dos! If you want to make the most of a vivid night, we have some restaurant suggestions for you!

  • Café Opera: Right on the harbour, you will have exquisite views of the festival. This restaurant is a little pricey but the food is well worth it
  • Burger Project: Situated behind Circular Quay train station, this is a convenient way to begin your night. Burger project is relatively cheap, super delicious and central to where all the fun stuff is happening
  • Chat Thai: If you are after a hearty filling, authentic Thai meal, this is the place to go! Situated right alongside Burger Project, Chat Thai offers traditional food at reasonable prices. You again will be right next to the action
  • Westfield Sydney food court: Located in the heart of Pitt Street, this food court is all about variety. Greek, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian and more. These food places sell filling food at cheap prices, just a 5 minute walk from Circular Quay. 



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